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Herd of Elephants

Face to Face, up close and effective.

Accelerating team impact!

Led by a Certified Zoo Trainer, these customized interactive workshops enable teams to come together and learn about and interact with the essential behavioral, communication and relational styles of themselves and each other.

Customization is available based on the unique needs of each customer. Together, we’ll design the right program to address specific objectives on your journey to transforming, creating or nurturing a high performing team. 


Our clients tell us our Zoo Workshops are a refreshing, fun, and transformative way to learn more about themselves and their team. Unlike other “personality assessment” programs, the intuitive animal framework provides an ideal way to create a team experience they won’t soon forget and begin to apply immediately.  Don’t be surprised if they leave the experience referring to each others animals rather than their names!

Image by TJ Fitzsimmons

Think Zookeeper is right for your team?


Book a call with our Chief Zookeeper, Darcy, to discuss how you can become a Zookeeper in your organization. 

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