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Two elephants splashing water


Zookeeper Certification Program

Become a certified Zookeeper and watch your teams thrive.


This ground breaking self-paced, online course has been designed using microlearning to enhance knowledge retention and rapid skill development. Whether you are new to leadership, or you’re back from another trip around the block, this course will challenge the way you interact with, develop and nurture your teams. No better way to infuse Zookeeping concepts into your workplace culture than to certify key leaders in your organization!

The Course

The course is broken down into 3 sections, containing multiple modules. Each module uses a variety of media and is broken down into small, bite size sections with challenge questions at key points to help you embed your understanding before you move on to the next section.

Section One - Introduction to the Zoo

Why a Zoo?

The correlation of any workplace to a zoo.

Lemur Leaders

Understanding Lemur style leadership.

Elephant Leaders

Understanding Elephant style leadership.

The role of the Zookeeper

Protecting, feeding and maintaining health of your people.

Lion Leaders

Understanding Lion style leadership.

Animal Adaptation

Learn why some adaptation is healthy.

Four animal styles

The 4 Animals explained.

Dolphin Leaders

Understanding Dolphin style leadership.

Section Two- Team Development

Know thine own animal

Learn the importance of self awareness & how to develop it.

Monitoring Animal Health

Become an excellent steward of  your zoo.

Animals Under Stress

Stress is inevitable, but hope is not lost.

Who is in your zoo?

Understand and identify the personalities in your zoo.

Managing Conflict 

Understand the impact of conflict and how to manage it.

Animal Training

Learn how to create tailored training for the animals in your team.

Leading in times of stress

Learn how to nurture your team in times of stress.

Playing to your strengths

Learn how to get the best out of your team, and what 'not' to expect.

Section Three - Case Study

This comprehensive case study module will test your understanding of the workplace zoo, how to achieve results without marginalizing team members and maintaining a productive, harmonious zoo.

Case Study Background

A detailed PDF download including the back story, the team players, points of conflict, and the challenge.

The Challenge

Test preparation - work through the challenges (answers provided) to prep for the final test.

Case Study Quiz

A series of challenges to test your understanding of zookeeping and your approach to the casestudy.


On successful completion of all sections of the course, you will be entitled to certification as a Zoo Keeper.

Image by TJ Fitzsimmons

Think Zookeeper is right for your team?


Book a call with our Chief Zookeeper, Darcy, to discuss how you can become a Zookeeper in your organization. 

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