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paul sherman

Paul Sherman

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Brad genuinely cares about employees at every level in the organization.  He focuses on the important elements of their development as a professional, as a leader and as a person. 


He is consistently balanced and honest in his interactions with people.  He focuses intently, truly listens, asks thoughtful questions and pinpoints how best to help each person.  Employees are excited to develop in their career and want to continually raise their own bar, because of how Brad makes them feel important.

Jackie Mancini

Jacquelyn Mancini

SVP Business Operations
Mancini Beverage

Brad has a mind coupled with energy that is truly unique. He is able to see and articulate a vision for the future very well.  Because he chooses to immerse himself with key individuals inside our business, he is able to gain valuable insights and establish trust which enables us all get more done together. He is more of a partner than consultant and has had a significant, positive impact on our team dynamics.

Seth Feldman

Seth Feldman, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
 Singer Equipment Company

As a CFO, I appreciate numbers and metrics and the impact they have, but my role as an executive goes beyond just grinding numbers.  I’m motivated to build business with long-term viability. 


Brad has helped me appreciate the role of developing people and the power of transparent, direct, yet honest communication in dealing with my peers, leadership teams and staff as we push toward that goal.  Brad is confident in his experience, yet humble and real in his approach.  I believe my impact is more dynamic as a result.

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Kevin Osga

Keith Osga

VP Operations
Mancini Beverage

What stood out to me were the thorough interview questions and the rapid pace from initial interview to offer.  


Nivalmi's depth of understanding about me with their professional networks enabled a speedy, positive, customized process.


I've experienced  long, frustrating recruiting processes in the past.  I was pleased with how well this process was managed and made me feel valued as a candidate.  I highly recommend Nivalmi talent recruitment services to friends and colleagues

Josh Hafetz

Josh Hafetz

Ethos Beauty Partners

Darcy is Spectacular!  As interim Chief Marketing Officer, she quickly immersed herself as a key part of our team. She has just the right balance of subject matter expertise and curiosity in learning our business specifics to be an effective change leader in our organization. Additionally, she is kind, energetic and an amazing communicator. Our team loves her!

Working with the talent recruitment arm of Nivalmi for finding our VP of Operations and our HR Manager was a home run.  They found us candidates we never would have unearthed ourselves, as well as gave us great intel on each of them.  

Both our hires have been 10s out of 10s!  


It’s hard to imagine we would have been able to land this talent without them.

Joe G

Joe Gerstenbacher

VP Operations
Ethos Beauty Partners

I partnered with Nivalmi to find my “forever” company. I found their recruitment team to be engaged, competent &  intent on finding the right match for me. The process was exceptional. I would not hesitate to work with Nivalmi to find talent required to support growth and execution requirements for Ethos.

Further, working with Darcy Blessing in her role as CMO, I’ve found her be an authentic, collaborative leader and experienced change agent capable developing clear plans of action for dynamic and complex business problems.  She is a Marketing strategist with a keen ability to listen and set our focus on the right customer experience solutions for today with an eye on tomorrow.  


Darcy facilitates across functional boundaries to generate positive energy and action in an organization.

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Eric Santagato

Eric Santagato

VP Distribution Sales
Singer Equipment

The Zookeeper program was one of the most successful leadership trainings I have done with my Sales Leadership team.  


Darcy Blessing, our facilitator, was so engaging that the team still speaks about the program months later.  It allowed us to understand ourselves and each other from a different perspective, but mainly gave us a direction on how we communicate to the people that we work with every day.  I have already seen the impact that this program has made on our company and would highly recommend for any team trying to take their leadership to the next level.

This year Singer Equipment Company is “Revving” the leadership engine and the Nivalmi Zookeeper leadership & communication program was the best way to kick it off!

Michelle Osman

Michelle Osman

President & Chief Business Officer
Global OEM Group, IEWC 

I would highly recommend the Sales Leadership Council (SLC) for leaders who want to grow themselves and create value for their organization.


The format allows for thoughtful communication and sharing of best practices geared at a topic of your choice. 


Brad is  extremely knowledgeable and one of the best leaders I have had the privilege to work with and learn from.

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