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Why a Zoo?

Let’s face it, the workplace is a bit of a zoo and it’s often a pretty emotional, chaotic one at that. Moreover, a zoo isn’t a natural environment for any of the animals who live in it. The workplace isn’t any different. In an ideal world we could run free and choose who we work and play with. However, since the vast majority of us must accept that the workplace zoo is where we have to be, let's embrace the opportunity to make it amazing. 

There are many behavioral models around, but they can be difficult to remember and even harder to leverage. To make things easier (and a lot more fun) we have likened the workplace to a zoo and a few, highly relatable, animals. Everyone is dominated by certain behavioral and emotional traits. We have likened these traits to four animal types: Lemurs, Lions, Dolphins, and Elephants. While we have some of each animal type within us, we are naturally driven to follow our dominant traits and instincts, and when backed into a corner we all give in to the animal within.

Being an effective leader pivots on our ability to understand the personalities that make up a team and how to communicate with them. Zookeeping in Leadership will help you build strong, effective teams that make your workplace zoo a wonderful place to visit.

We’re all living and working in a zoo. Without an effective Zookeeper, the animals will run wild!

Who lives in the zoo?


Fast paced, high achievers, they wait for no man.


Smart, creative, and engaging, they are insanely persuasive and fun to be around.


The carers, instinctive listeners and empathetic counselors.


Process orientated, and inherently cautious, they are systematic and effective problem solvers.

Image by TJ Fitzsimmons

Think Zookeeper is right for your team?


Book a call with our Chief Zookeeper, Darcy, to discuss how you can become a Zookeeper in your organization. 

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