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Transparency, Execution, Accountability, Continuous Improvement.



Binders of instructions, questions of value, tardiness, anxiety, sleepless nights.

The Nivalmi Way is our process, designed from our collective experience of sitting in your seat. We’re here to help make you and your teams better, as others did for and with us.


Transformation requires understanding where you’ve been. 

This means:

  • Getting clear on company strengths and blind spots 

  • Gaining confidence in what we should and should not expect from our teams

  • Being in the room



The Nivalmi Difference? We help execute.

We immediately find and get to work on low-hanging fruit and make long-term plans for the fruit that's harder to reach.


Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice does. 

We help companies maintain their transformation missions, overcome setbacks, recover with success, and sustain momentum & energy.


Nivalmi's philosophical principles are pragmatic and proven effective for clients with values ranging from $100M to over $1B in a variety of industries.  Nivalmi clients have access to resources, utilities, templates and tools to help implement these same philosophies.  

Fewer things, better executed

When your company is growing faster than infrastructure has evolved to support, it’s all too easy to forget the old “80/20” rule.  


As a transformation focused group, Nivalmi uses a variety of techniques to help leaders identify and keep key priorities in focus in the aligned pursuit of operational excellence. 

You can't manage what you don't measure

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  In today’s market of consolidation, accurate and actionable data is a requirement for growth and your best protection against failure. Nivalmi consultants work WITH your leadership teams to create SMART KPIs that model, execute and report the most important areas of sales, operations, marketing, acquisition integration and growth.

Change perspectives, not people

As humans, our wiring is tough to change.  Expecting different outcomes from your people, starts with better understanding of their strengths, focusing on changing their inputs.  The Nivalmi 1:1 meetings template helps improve manager/employee meetings by producing two-way, consistent and focused communication that seeks to improve knowledge, role & growth goals that help overcome challenges and support development. 

Put people first, always

Most companies desire to care for their people, however few dare to ever ask them how they’re doing. Your people are the gateway to delivering what is necessary to improve profits.  If you haven’t surveyed your teams recently, we’ll start by asking the right questions the right way to provide an actionable, measurable priority list of improvements.


From there, it’s time to engage “the end around” – our secret sauce to getting ahead of known staffing issues, tackling “low hanging fruit” and demonstrating meaningful commitment to your staff.

Play to people's strengths

From the way leadership meetings are structured and run to the way you consider M&A targets, your greatest value, speed to impact and positive synergies come when you leverage your strengths to grow.  It sounds easy- but it’s easy to overlook.  Many get caught giving up what’s already good in exchange for a small step forward, only to regret losing that strength or best practice when they need it the most.  As important, is managing people beyond their "role and experience" to begin the practice of playing holistically to their natural strengths.  

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