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Remote/hybrid work is here to stay – is your company ready to hire remote workers?

Being inflexible on enabling a remote OR hybrid work environment SIGNIFICANTLY reduces your available market of qualified job seekers. A recent Accenture study data revealed that 83% of 9,326 workers surveyed say they prefer a hybrid model — in which they can work remotely at least 25% of the time.

Concerned about productivity? This Great Place to Work study measured employee productivity from March to August of 2020 and compared it to the same six-month period in 2019. Results showed productivity had improved while working from home (see graph).

But how do you make it work FOR you? Here are 4 easy tips:

1. Align on what is important to the role: Quality, time to fill, or cost? Generally speaking, you’ll get to choose from 2 of them.Choose carefully!

2. Create smart KPIs: Providing clear, actionable, measurable goals to your new hire will not only help get them off to a productive start, but it will also enable you to measure their performance, or contribution to the company rather than focusing on the hours or location of work.

3. Don’t over architect job requirements: Be flexible: differentiate between the “must haves” vs. the “nice to haves” and consider what professional development looks like in your prospective candidates as a result. Candidates with “all” the required skills & experience may become bored quickly vs. an eager candidate with sufficient skills and space for professional development.

4. Dare to trust: Allow the metrics to prove productivity. Human nature can lead us to assume that when we can’t “see” a person working, they must not be. Statistics prove otherwise.

For more information on transitioning your company to embracing hybrid and/or remote positions, call Nivalmi today. Our experienced, talented team of executive recruiters are here to help move your company forward.


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